Section C1: Eligibility and Ownership

C1.1     To be eligible to own one or more car #'s you must be at least 18 years old at the time of purchase. Car # owners who wish to also participate as a driver must obtain/retain an iRacing Oval D-3.0 or higher license. Anyone in the XCAL Racing 'Hall of Shame' is NOT eligible to own any car #'s. Car #'s will be available for purchase November 1st 2021 through July 7th 2022.

C1.1.1      To own one or more car #'s for the 2022 Season, you must agree to and abide by the Car # Owners' Competitor Agreement.

C1.1.2      Car # owners may only drive car #s they own.

C1.2     Any eligible person wishing to own a car #(s) must make an initial $25.00 refundable deposit per car, and maintain a minimum balance of $12.50 per car, to cover the costs of any potential incident point penalties that would exceed weekly winnings. This deposit can be made via a variety of systems: (Venmo, PayPal, Invoice, Zelle, cash-app and the website itself) iRacing credits will NOT be accepted as payment! 2021 car # owners who chose to retain their car #'s must make their deposit no later than 11/30/21. Issuance of all other car #'s will be on a “first deposit - first serve” basis.

C1.2.1     Car #'s may not begin with a '0' with the following grandfathered exceptions: 00, 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 062. These grandfathered exceptions are only available to previous car owners and 2021 $2 Tuesday participants. This exception expires on 12/31/21 and any of the listed car #'s that are not purchased will be retired. 
C1.3 Car # owners are responsible for filling out the Owner's Weekly Form (2022 Weekly Entry Form) on the website, before EACH and EVERY event.

C1.4     Car # owners have several choices as to how to handle any weekly winnings and expenses that change a car #'s total balance from $25.00. These options will be made available on the 2022 Owners Weekly Entry Form. If a 'payout' option is requested on the form, Car # owners will be paid within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event. If a 'NO Payout' option is selected weekly winnings / expenses will be distributed per the option selected.

C1.4.1    Car # owners may also manage the funds on each of their car #'s in the following ways: Use to cover entry fees, transfer to and from other car #'s owned, or request a payout that leaves at least $12.50 on the car # being withdrawn from.

C1.4.1.1     All car #'s must have a minimum balance of $12.50 to be registered for any points event.

C1.4.2    Incident points accrued during the feature event are penalized at a rate of 25 cents per point, deducted from any winnings earned at that race. All points are penalized equally, it does not matter who is at fault. Any penalties that exceed the winnings earned in a feature are deducted from the car #'s account balance. (See Section C2 for more information.)

C1.5     Car # owners that request complete cash outs surrender their owned car #(s) and forfeit all Owners Championship points, Provisional Points and potential winnings associated with that #(s). This action cannot be reversed!

C1.5.1     A car # owner who completely cashes out all car # deposits may participate as a driver in subsequent events provided they are not under additional penalty terms. (See Section C2.5)

C1.6     Each points event will have a $5.00 entry fee, per car #. 100% of all entry fees will be returned as payouts to the owners of the top 20 finishing car #'s. (See Section D12, then See Tables 3, 4, and 5 )

C1.6-a     25% of the incident point penalty money from the prior event will be paid to the top 20 finishing car #s. (See Section D12, then See Tables 3, 4, and 5 )

C1.6-b     Any additional prize money added to the purse will be paid out via the same method as listed in C1.6-a. 

C1.6.1     Entry fees must be paid in full before a driver attempts to qualify a car # in the heat races held the day before the feature.

             C1.6.1.1     Sunday's practices will have passwords. The passwords will be only sent to car # owners who have paid their entry fees. It is up to Car # Owners to forward those passwords to their drivers, and potential relief drivers, or any potential talent they may be scouting. 

3PM Heat – 2:00pm ( If applicable)
5PM Heat – 4:00pm
7PM Heat – 6:00pm
9PM Heat – 8:00pm
11PM Heat ( If applicable) – 10:00pm

C1.6.3     Owners of car #'s using a provisional entry (See Section C6.6 – C6.6.2 ) must submit their entry fee by 5:00pm U.S. Eastern on the day of the feature or that car # will receive provisional points (if eligible – See Section C6.1 – C6.5.2 ) and no prize money.

C1.6.4      All substitutions or entrant modifications for the feature must be submitted via the Owners Weekly Form and received no later than 5:00pm U.S. Eastern on the day of the feature. There are NO exceptions!

C1.6.5     There are no refunds of entry fees to owners of car #'s for any reason including failing to qualify, or missing the heat races or feature event.

C1.6.5.1     NO SHOW Policy: Owners of car #'s scheduled to start a feature event are responsible for their drivers attendance. A car # owner has until 6:00pm U.S. Eastern on the day of the feature to withdraw any entries that are unable to start the feature. Owners of car #'s that NO SHOW an event will receive progressive penalties. (See Section C2.6 – C2.6.1 )

C1.6.6     If less than 20 car #s start a feature, XCAL will retain all unclaimed prize money.

C1.6.6.1     Car #s must complete lap 1 of the feature to be eligible to win any prize advertised.

C1.6.7     If a feature event is a “iBlack out” ( See Section D13 ) all entry fees will be retained and the event will be ran on the next available off week. If a car # owner's driver(s) will not be available to compete on the new race date, they should make arrangements to have another driver(s) compete in their place.

C1.6.8     Car #'s that have not been registered for an event, but have made the initial $25.00 deposit are eligible for “Provisional Points” a total of 3 times during the season, provided they have previously scored Owners Championship Points in 2022. (See Section C6.1 – C6.5.2 )All winnings associated with both weekly feature points events, and the Owners Points Championship are paid to the owner of the car # achieving the prize. Any compensation made to any driver is the sole responsibility of the car # owner.
C1.6.9.     XCAL will not make “split payouts” of any kind, and will only send payouts to car # owners!

C1.6.10    The top 20 car #s in owners points will be paid out at the end of the season. (See Table 1)

C1.7     Penalties, fines, and event disqualifications incurred by a driver are the responsibility of the car # owner. This may include disqualifications from future events. Make sure you TRUST your driver(s)! (See Section C2)

C1.7.1     Additional penalties, fines, and future event disqualifications may be levied against a driver, in addition to those against the car # owner. 

C1.8     All active car # owners will receive an email statement breaking down winnings, and expenses for all previously ran events within 48 hours of the conclusion of each points event.​


Section C2: Owners Penalties

C2.1     If a car #'s incident point penalty exceeds the car #'s weekly winnings and remaining deposited money, that car # is considered 'wrecked'. A new $25.00 deposit is required, plus repayment in full of any additional penalties that exceeded their first deposit before that car # may compete again.

C2.1.1     If the same car # receives the penalty as described in C2.1 a second time in the same season, the car # will be parked by XCAL for a duration of ONE feature event after a new $25.00 deposit is received. 

C2.1.2     If the same car # receives the penalty as described in C2.1 a third time in the same season, the car # will be parked by XCAL for a duration of THREE feature events after a new $25.00 deposit is received. 

C2.1.3     If the same car # receives the penalty as described in C2.1 a FOURTH time in the same season, the car # will be parked by XCAL for the duration of the season.

C2.1.4      If a car owner expends their car #(s) entire account balance(s), any additional incident point penalties will be paid by XCAL racing.

C2.1.4.1     Members that expend their car #(s) account balance(s) and subsequently have their additional penalties paid by XCAL must repay XCAL at a rate of 30 cents per incident point before being allowed to return to competition.

C2.2     XCAL has adopted a “two strikes - you're out” policy when dealing with on track incidents that draw a caution. All cautions will be reviewed to determine the nature and severity of the incident. XCAL understands the rubbing is racing, and some incidents simply can't be avoided. However, incidents that CAN be avoided or cause unnecessary extensive damage to one or more cars will be penalized. Strikes may also be issued for on track issues during caution, failure to complete mandatory practice, incidents during/after the heat races preceding the feature, and as a penalty levied against a car # or driver in-between events.

C2.2.1     Each car # scores its own strikes independently, as well as Owner Strikes that are combined with all other car #s owned by the same person.

C2.2.2     The first strike incurred by a car # for an infraction outlined in rule C2.2 is penalized with an E.O.L. (End of line) on the next restart during heats, and a black flag during features. Car #s that earn a black flag penalty during the feature also score one Owner Strike.

C2.2.3      The second strike incurred by a car # for an infraction outlined in rule C2.2 is penalized with disqualification. Car #s that get disqualified from a heat OR feature also score two additional Owner Strikes.

C2.2.4     Each heat and feature event are considered independently of each other in terms of tallied car # strikes. i.e. A strike incurred in a heat does not carry over to additional heats, or the feature.

C2.2.5     Any car # owner who earns a total of 4 or more Owner Strikes in an event weekend (Friday – Tuesday) will start the next event weekend with one strike on all their car #s. 

C2.3     Code of Conduct: The on track behavior of all XCAL competitors dictates the quality of future new members that enter our organization. If we are known as a bunch of “wreckers”, “self spinners” or “hosted session ruin-ers” the iRacing community will remember. XCAL wants its member base to expand, not shrink. A large professionally run event with a high car count attracts more sponsorship opportunity and creates a better product on and off the track.

C2.3.1     All XCAL rules outlined in section(s) D2.1 – D2.2, D2.5.1 and D2.8 apply to every XCAL member competing in ANY hosted session, league race, and official iRacing session.

C2.3.1.1     XCAL will review any complaint levied against one of our car # owners as long as a replay of the infraction is attached when submitted, and XCAL receives the complaint within 48 hours of the alleged rule infraction.

C2.3.1.2     XCAL car # owners found committing a rule infraction(s) outlined in C2.3.1 will serve the applicable penalties in the next FEATURE event held in the XCAL 2022 Street Stock Series. This can include event disqualification(s).

C2.3.2     XCAL rule C2.3.1 is null and void when XCAL members participate in league and hosted sessions described as “demolition racing”, “enduro”, “no holds barred”, “boys have at it”, “2 Lap Sprints” or any other format in which contact between cars is allowed and / or encouraged.

C2.3.3     Drivers are not to have profanity written or visualized on their car, and may not have lewd images or graphic graphics of any sort. XCAL officials will review all paint schemes. Members in violation of this rule MAY receive a warning, and risk automatic disqualification. A car # disqualified for a violation of this rule will also score two Owners Strikes.

C2.3.4     The displayed number on the car MUST BE VISABLE, and of a contrasting color to the body work it resides on. Violations of this rule will result in escalating penalties up to and including event disqualification. A Car # that gets disqualified for violation of this rule will also score two Owners Strikes.

C2.3.5     All drivers must enter every heat and feature using the correct car number! Drivers who qualify through a heat with the incorrect car number will receive the last transfer spot in their heat. Car # owners who allow a driver to enter a feature event with the wrong car number will be docked 25 owners points. Allowing an incorrect car # in the feature will also score one Owners Strike.

C2.3.6     Live broadcast events will feature post race interviews and may include pre-race and mid-race interviews as well. These interviews must be treated with care. Car # owners and their drivers who use vulgarities will incur fines. (See Section C2.7)

C2.4     Miscellaneous Car # owner penalties can be assessed for actions detrimental to the XCAL Racing Organization, the website, any of XCAL Racing's broadcast partners or sponsors, or the esport of simulation racing. 

C2.4.1     Miscellaneous penalties for car # owners can range from warnings to league suspension and blacklisting – as well as Owners Strikes. It is impossible to list every infraction that can be considered 'detrimental' however penalties issued will take the following into consideration: Was this infraction on track or off track? How many people are aware of this infraction? What are the lasting effects of this infraction?

C2.4.2     Any miscellaneous penalty issued to a car # owner will be reflective of the circumstances listed in C2.4.1 and previously issued penalties for similar infractions that occurred in the 2022 season.

C2.5     A car # owner may cash out all of their car #s to become a driver for a different owner, but they must pay back any incident points penalties previously paid by XCAL (See C2.1.4), pay any fines owned (See C2.7 ), and will carry over any additional penalties to be imposed on the first points event they are entered into. Failure to comply to rule C2.5 will result in event ineligibility.

C2.6     NO SHOW Policy penalties. Violation of C. will result in an Owners Strike during the current event for the first violation, and 2 Owners strikes with a one race ineligibility for the car # no showing for all subsequent violations.

C2.6.1     No show violations are scored independently for all car #'s owned. 

C2.7     Fines are rare, and reserved for the most grievous offenses committed against other members, the XCAL organization; or any of our affiliate sponsors, broadcast networks, and other partners. Only the Owner of XCAL may issue fines to a driver, car # owner, or internal staff.

C2.7.1     There is no set limit on fines. Fines are determined by the severity of the infraction, the amount of other people affected by the infraction, and the known lasting repercussions an infraction will have on all parties affected.

C2.7.2     XCAL members who are fined will be notified via email, and have 48 hours to submit an appeal. ( See Protests/Appeals C2.9 )

C2.7.3     XCAL will NOT deduct any fines from a car #'s account. If the owner of a car #(s) does not wish to pay a fine and / or has lost an appeal, they may cash out their account(s) in full, however the car # owner will also forfeit all points, provisional entries ( See Section C6 ) and prizes associated with the Owners' Championship that the car # otherwise would have received. ( Per rule C1.5 )

C2.7.4     Car # owners who owe fines to XCAL will have their Owners' Championship points frozen. ALL of their car # will remain ineligible for competition or Provisional Points until the fine is paid in full. ( See Section 6 )

C2.7.5     Car # owners may request a fine be deducted from a car #'s account as long as they maintain a balance of $12.50 on that # after the deduction.

C2.7.6    Car # owners who owes fines to XCAL, but have NOT cashed out their car #'s account at the conclusion of the season is still eligible for any prize they normally would have won in the Owners' Championship. (See Table 1)

C2.7.7     Car # owners may request a fine be deducted from a prize their car #(s) won in the Owners' Championship.

C2.7.8     Fines are unforgivable and must be paid in full before a XCAL participant, owner, or staff can return to any role in the organization. Any person that owe fines to XCAL are also ineligible for competition in XCAL Special Events.

C2.7.9     Any person who still owes fines after the conclusion of the season's award banquet are ineligible for post season special events, and are automatically disqualified from next season's opening event.

C2.8      Suspensions: Car # owners may be suspended. A suspended owner may still enter any eligible car #'s they own, however ALL car #s entered will start the feature with one strike. 

C2.8.1     Car # owners under suspension are NOT eligible to score “Provisional Points” for any of their owned car #'s.

C2.8.2     Car # owners under suspension may NOT enter any XCAL hosted session, and may NOT participate as a spotter OR spectator.

C2.9      Protests/Appeals: Only Car # owners may file protests during the 2022 season. All protests must be made via the 'Protest/Appeal Form' on the website, and must be made within 45 minutes of the 'end of the demo derby' following the feature event, or 30 minutes after the checkered flag of a heat race. 

C2.9.1     The following may be protested: On track incidents including in official XCAL Practices - believed to be intentional, previously unpenalized accidents that cause a car # to lose a transferring position in a heat race, previously unpenalized accidents that cause a car # to lose more than 5 positions in a feature event, event results based off iRacing lap scoring issues, pacing speed issues, and any on track issue found to be in direct violation of the 2022 Owners, Drivers, or Staff rule books.

C2.9.2     The following may be appealed: Penalties (e.o.l.s, strikes, suspensions, fines) issued to Car # owners and/or any driver in one of their car #s, that occur after the conclusion of a heat race or feature event. 


Section C3: Car # Private Sales

C3.1     Car # owners who want to sell one or more of their car #'s must contact the XCAL President by email ( with the name and email of the purchaser, and the amount of the pending sale, prior to committing to any arrangement.

C3.2     When a car # is sold - all points, potential championship winnings, remaining provisional points, available provisional entries, and remaining account balance associated with the car # are sold as a package deal. 

C3.3     The President of XCAL is the only person on earth who has the authority to appraise a team or individual car #'s value.

C3.4     A car # owner may sell a single car # while retaining others. A car # must be sold for no less than 80% of its individual appraised value.

C3.5     There is no upper limit to what a car # owner can sell their car #(s) for.

C3.6      If the pending sale price is at least 80% of the appraised value XCAL will send an invoice the the purchaser. Upon payment XCAL will transfer the funds to the old team owner after exercising rule C3.7.

C3.7     XCAL will retain 10% of the sale total as an administrative fee.

C3.8      If a car # owner wants to sell their car #(s), and cannot find a private party willing to pay 80% of the appraised value, they may ask for XCAL to purchase the car #. ( See Section S9.8 )


Section C4: Race Week Structure

(All times U.S. Eastern)

C4.1     OPEN PRACTICE for drivers Wednesday through Saturday at 7 and 9 PM nightly. Additional password-ed practices Sunday from noon to 1 AM Monday morning. 

C4.1.1     Each practice session will conclude with a short race, laps in the race do not count toward Mandatory Minimum Practice - with the exception of 'Plate races'. ( See section D6.2 )

C4.1.2     XCAL will attempt to have a minimum of 10 A.I. Drivers and live RACECONTROL for these practices whenever possible. 

C4.2     Qualifying Heat Races Monday at 5, 7, and 9 PM. (Based on 30 to 39 car # deposits) Additional Heat Race Monday at 11 PM (Based on 40 to 49 car # deposits) Additional Heat Race Monday at 3 PM (Based on 50 or more car # deposits) (See section D7 for more information on qualifying)

C4.3      Drivers meeting in the discord at 6:40ish PM. XCAL staff will be available to answer any last minute questions, and review any track specific rules that pertain to the event. (See Section D12 )

C4.4     Feature Event Tuesday at 7 PM. Session goes live at 7PM and will have 30 minutes of warm up. Feature events need no passwords as they are manually grid by XCAL Racing.


Section C5: Owners Championship Points

C5.1     All car #'s that pay for entry will score championship points. ( See Table 2 )

C5.2     All car #'s that do not start the feature after paying the entry fee will receive 3 points less than last place for that event.

C5.3     The Owners Championship is funded by incident point penalties. 50% of all incident points penalty money is distributed to the Championship fund.


Section C6: Provisional Points and Provisional Entry

C6.1     Provisional Points are awarded at the end of the event to any and all car #'s who meet all eligibility requirements but did not pay the entry fee, up to a maximum of 3 times per season. Provisional Points are automatically added to a car #'s point total the first time the car # is eligible, and Car # Owners can not pick which events they use Provisional Points.

C6.2     Provisional Points may vary from event to event, but will always be scored as 10 points less than last place.

C6.3     No car #'s may trade Provisional Points to another car #, even if owned by the same person.

C6.4     A car # can not score Provisional Points until it has scored points in a prior XCAL feature event.

C6.5     All car #'s that score points after the completion of the first event will receive points equal to last place minus 10 points for the first event, and still be eligible for two more Provisional Points during the season.

C6.5.1     All car #'s that score points after the completion of the first two events will receive points equal to last place minus 10 points for each of the first two events, and still be eligible for one more Provisional Points during the season.

C6.5.2     All car #'s that score points after the completion of the first three events will receive points equal to last place minus 10 points for each of the first three events, but will NOT be eligible for any more Provisional Points during the season.

C6.6     Provisional Entries during the first 3 events will be grid by the following criteria:  Highest finishing heat race positions out of all non-qualifiers, then fastest lap time. Ties are broken by the car # completing the lap first.

C6.6.1      Starting with the 4th event Provisional Entries will be issued according to owners championship points until the grid is filled.

C6.6.2     Additional Provisional Entries may be awarded if grid spots allow, and the car # and driver entered meets all other eligibility requirements. 


Section C7: Car Setups

C7.1     All oval events on tracks less than 1.5 miles, and both road events are open setup. There are currently no limitations to what you can do with your car as long as it passes iRacing tech inspection.

C7.2     Events on ovals 1.5 miles in length or greater are “plate races”. All drivers will be required to use the same provided XCAL plate setup for all plate races. This set up is currently available on the website.


Section C8: Discord

C8.1     Car # owners receive the '2022 Car Owners' discord role. This role allows access to channels drivers and fans do not have access to.

C8.2     Car # owners will also receive a number of '2022 Drivers' discord roles ( based on total car #s purchased ) to distribute to their drivers. The '2022 Drivers' role allows access to channels fans do not have access to.

C8.2.1     These '2022 Drivers' discord roles are bestowed upon a single driver for the entire season. Once a driver is given this role by a car # owner, it can not be transferred!

C8.2.2     Additional '2022 Drivers' discord roles can be purchased for $5.00 each. Email with subject line “Buy 2022 Roles”, with details on how many you want to buy, and who you want to distribute them to. 


Section C9: More References

C9.1     For information on Qualifying see section D7.

C9.2     For information on Practice see section D6.

C9.3     For information on Contingency Plans see section D13.

C9.4     For information on Track Specific Rules see section D12.