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XCAL Racing is Hiring

Current Positions:

Blogger Internship

Pay Rate: None

Post Date: 10/6/21

Start Date: 12/5/21

Turn Marshal

Pay Rate: $1.00/Heat  $5.00/Feature

Post Date: 10/6/21

Start Date : 1/3/22

Blogger Internship: We are looking for a responsible and creative person to write a weekly blog for our website! This unpaid internship will provide you with exciting events filled with developing story lines to cover weekly - as you build your writing portfolio! Candidates must have an active iRacing account and be available during the XCAL 'weekend'. Ideal candidates will spend time interviewing drivers in the discord, and attend heat races to gain an insider's perspective of our sport that they can convey to our fan base. Our selected candidate will be given creative freedom to post as many quality blogs a week as they see fit, with the minimum requirement being one blog per week.

Turn Marshall: We are hiring responsible turn marshalls to assist RACECONTROL with weekly duties involving the officiating of our $5 Tuesdays points season. This position is paid weekly on Wednesdays based on the sessions worked the Monday and Tuesday prior. Candidates must have an active iRacing account, own the tracks on the 2022 XCAL Racing $5 Tuesday schedule, be familiar with the iRacing camera controls, be familiar with the XCAL Racing 2022 Staff and Driver Rule Books, and be available during the XCAL 'weekend'. Ideal candidates will have a PC and internet connection capable of displaying 45+ cars on screen simultaneously. Selected candidates are responsible for setting a camera in a location as described by the race director / flagman and watching for accidents and dangerous situations, relaying information to the flag man, monitoring the live field during cautions and reviews, and may be assigned additional duties as described in the 2022 XCAL Racing Staff Rule Book.

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