XCAL Racing 2021 Power Rankings

The top 10 drivers currently in XCAL Racing according to the Voice of XCAL Racing - Petey J Zehler!


                                                                           Power Rankings

1.Tyler McCray  
Look out, there’s a new #1! Tyler McCray has been on an absolute tear since race #3 at Thompson. McCray has only finished worse than 8th once (11th at Bristol) over the last 7 races and has made up an impressive number of points on the leaders as he sits 4th in the standings. DBR seems to be on the rise.

2. Luke Turpin

C’mon, you didn’t really think Luke would stay at the bottom of the Power Rankings forever…. did you? Over the last 4 races Luke has been scorching hot scoring 2 wins and a third which easily could’ve been another win. The only thing keeping him from the top spot is a 13th place finish at SNMP and a poor start to the season. But much like the real point standings, Luke Turpin is rising.

3. Jon Schwartz

The points leader moves up one spot in this week's Power Rankings. After two (bad for his standard) races at SNMP and Bristol, JB Smooth has recovered nicely with finishes of 3rd and 6th over the last two weeks. Schwartz is the type of driver that may never lead the Power Rankings, but very well could win the XCAL Championship, by killing them with consistency. 

4. Austin Edwards

Austin Edwards could very well be the best driver in XCAL, 3 races, 2 wins and one second is very hard to argue with. The small workload he has is the only thing holding him back from the top spot. With the schedule starting to become predominantly short track however, Edwards is going to have a chance to rise in my Power Rankings.

5. Collin R Hoeffner

Hoeffner had trouble making races earlier in the season. That’s probably in everyone else’s best interest as in 4 starts he has 3 top 5’s and 4 top 10’s. Anytime the #87 is on track he is a threat to win. If we continue to see Hoeffner make these races he’s going to win one sooner rather than later.

6. Matthew Bare

Matthew Bare went from questioning if he was going to drive the #19 the whole season, to driving the #19 car up to 6th in the points standings! Bare’s 4 race top 10 streak came to an end this week, still the #19 was very competitive and Bare’s development has been going nicely. Curious to see what the #19 does moving forward.

7. Jordan Babinger

Tyler McCray better watch out! The top spot in the Power Rankings is not where you want to be, after leading our first Power Rankings Octavio Rondoletto fell from 1st to 10th, now Babinger falls from 1st to 7th. Babinger hasn’t been terrible the last two races, but he’s left a lot to be desired. The #48 team is in need of a good week to keep up in points.

8. Octavio Rondoletto

Very quietly, Octavio has slowly been getting back up to speed. After a really bad stretch, Rondoletto was running for the win at Texas before finishing 10th on 3 tires and at Irwindale was competing for the win before strategy took him out of contention and he ended up 7th.

9. Tyler Bachelder

Top 15’s are the name of the game for the Bachelder crew, and up to this point in the season has kept the #53 solidly in the top 10 in points. I would like to see some more signature runs out of Bachelder moving forward, but right now he’s getting the job done. 

10. Brandon Varney

Brandon Varney will round out this week's Power Rankings. The results are slowly getting better for Varney, but the speed is there as it always has been. If Varney could catch some breaks he’d likely have a win at this point in the season.

That concludes my Power Rankings! Who was snubbed? Who was ranked too high/low? Let us know on the XCAL Forums!

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