Mandatory Practice and Updates to Race Procedure

Effective 9/12/2020

As we continue to work on our tuning phase of 2020 a few changes need to be made. The following changes have been made to the XCAL Rule Book.

7.1 Mandatory Practice: (Shall now read) All drivers are required to complete no less than 50% of the scheduled feature event laps in an official XCAL Racing Practice. 

     7.1.1 Only Practices labeled as "Official XCAL Practice" or "Invitational Event" count towards these laps.

     7.1.2 Any driver hosting a practice labeled as "Official XCAL Practice" without the consent of the XCAL Racing President is subject to penalty ranging from being yelled at, to blacklisting depending on the number of people screwed over.

     UPDATED 7.1.3 XCAL Racing will provide 16 hours of practice on Sundays before the Monday heat races from 10 AM to 2 AM U.S. Eastern.

         UPDATED XCAL Racing will provide an additional 5 hours of practice on Mondays from 12-5 PM U.S. Eastern.

          UPDATED XCAL Racing will provide an additional 9 hours of practice from 5 PM Monday until 2 AM Tuesday.

         UPDATED XCAL Racing will provide an additional 6 hours of practice from noon to 6 PM on Tuesday. 

    7.1.4 Drivers who qualify in a heat race MAY complete their mandatory practice before 6 PM Tuesday to retain their starting position.

     7.1.5 Drivers who complete mandatory practice, but fail to qualify in the heats MAY be given a Provisional Entry IF there are grid spots available after the conclusion of the last heat.

 Drivers must request this Provisional Entry by contacting the President of XCAL Racing no later than noon on Tuesday U.S. Eastern Time.

 Drivers who request Provisional Entry must have mandatory practice complete BEFORE making request. 

        CLARIFICATION Drivers who did not complete mandatory practice BEFORE attempting the heat events are NOT eligible for Provisional Entry. (Cut off is the CONCLUSION of practice listed in rule

 Provisional Entries are at the sole discretion of the XCAL Racing President. We will review your lap times and incident points. 100's of laps of garbage mean nothing. 

7.2 Failure to Complete Mandatory Practice: Drivers who fail to complete the mandatory practice will subject to ALL of the following penalties before being allowed to start the feature event. 

  • Drivers will lose their grid position based from their heat finish, and instead will be grid at the tail of the field.

  • Drivers will start the event with one strike towards disqualification.

  • Additionally, any driver who fails to complete mandatory practice, and then proceeds to get disqualified from an event, will be INELIGIBLE for competition at the next scheduled event.

     7.2.1​ If multiple drivers have violated rule 7.1 all drivers will be grid at the tail end of the field sorted by their heat finishing position.

     UPDATED 7.2.2 XCAL's "saving grace" rule. A driver who is DQ'ed per rule 7.2 may compete in the next event if they complete 3x required mandatory minimum practice laps BEFORE the heat races.

CLARIFICATION The following procedures will be added to Section 5 Race Procedures: and apply immediately. 


  • All penalties issued by RACECONTROL for incidents that brought out a yellow shall occur no sooner than two laps before the scheduled restart. 

  • We will no long release cars trapped behind the pace car. They will start on the tail end of the lead lap, and must restart the race properly.


  • XCAL Wave arounds will occur no sooner than two laps before the scheduled restart.

  • Drivers eligible for the XCAL Wave around will be those 1 lap down or more when we are 2 laps to green. NOT at the time of the caution.

  • We will no long release cars trapped behind the pace car. They will start on the tail end of the lead lap, and must restart the race properly.

  • RACECONTROL will extend cautions BRIEFLY to make sure the field is lined up correctly.

Sub-Section 2.4.1 (Shall now read) XCAL has adopted a “two strikes - you're out” policy when dealing with on track incidents that draw a caution. All cautions will be reviewed to determine the nature and severity of the incident. XCAL understands that rubbing is racing, and some incidents simply can't be avoided. However, incidents that CAN be avoided or cause unnecessary extensive damage to one or more cars will be penalized.

2.4.2 Incidents that incur a ONE STRIKE penalty include, but may not be limited to; Over-driving your car, Driving in an absurdly aggressive manner, Brake Checking (During race or under caution), Hitting another car under caution, Not paying attention to the cars around you (Drifting into another drivers lane), or Self-Spins that collect other cars.

UPDATED Article 1 Sub-Section  2.4.2 ( Shall now read) The first strike incurred by a driver for an infraction outlined in rule 2.4.2 is penalized with an black flag on the next restart during feature events, and with an EOL during heat events.

Article 2 Sub-Section  2.4.2 ( Shall now read) The second strike incurred by a driver for an infraction outlined in rule 2.4.2 will result in disqualification.