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ROO NEWS & Power Rankings +!

Roo News updated 8/27/22

Power Rankings +   updated 8/27/22

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UPDATED 8/27/22

XCAL Top 5 Power Rankings 

1. Austin Edwards: Another win in the books and has grown his points lead even more. Could Edwards go down as the best driver in XCAL history?

2. Luke Turpin: Solid 10th place finish again. Turpin hasn’t won in quite some time but with his consistency look for a win to come soon.

3. Blake Wynn: Has been on quite a run this season. Going into Rockingham look for the #99 to be strong.

4. Noah Carpenter: Showing some strength and a great 2nd place finish gets Carpenter a spot on this weeks Power Rankings. 

5. Billy Snodgrass: Has been on fire since he came to XCAL and with a 5th place has shown he’s come to win this season.

XCAL Stank Rankings

1. Brad Eble: Another last place finish for Eble this season. Can Eble bounce back this season?

2. Don Jordan: Tough times strike again this week at the road course. Going to a bigger oval with open sets next week maybe Jordan can bounce back.

3. Jeff Edgar2: Had a rough week and tough time keeping it together at the Texas Road course. Edgar will look to regroup at Rockingham.

4. Derek Colson: Has struggled lately quite a bit. A 30th place this past week hasn’t helped any. 

5. Travis Soukup: Just seemed to also struggle at the tight road courses. Next week I’d look for Soukup to comeback at Rockingham.

Author: Robert Colgan

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