Updated 5/8/22

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UPDATED 5/14/22

1. Johnathan Bronson: Having the best average finish in the last 4 races, Bronson is starting to become a pain in the ass each week.

2. Austin Edwards: Whenever he isn't finishing outside the top 5, he's winning. Having winning speed each week, Autism Edwards is definitely going to be in victory lane again this season.

3. Alex Crapser: Coming off of a win at Lanier, Crapser has plenty of momentum going into Round 15 to make it a possible 2 in a row.

4. Kendrick Kreyer: By sneaking into the top 5 each week, Kreyer broken into the top 5 in points and has established himself as mid.

5. Luke Turpin: Often Imitated never duplicated, Luke "Superman" Turpin has been what some would say "Off his game lately". But just over 200 points out of first, Mr. Superman is focused on the long game as we reach halfway through the season.

6. Alex K Graetz: When not flexing his almighty mini stock, Alex K Graetz is finishing just inside and outside of the top 5.

7. Devin T Landry: Having the speed, Devin T Landry has just been unable to put together a winning run and get it done.


8. Blake Wynn: Probably one of the most slept on drivers, Blake Never Wynn is starting to put his 7 brain cells towards something useful and is finishing better and better each week.


9. Petey J Zehler: Next on our list is someone that doesn't need an explanation as to why he's here, Petey J Zehler is probably one of the most mid drivers in the league so I put him on here out of my own self pity.


10. Jake Silvia: When he isn't wrecking himself or other people, he is finishing inside the top 10, Jake Silvia is getting faster and faster each week but as we all know winning comes with time (Unless ur Josh Dube)


Honorable Mention: Kenny Tripp and Matt Pelletier