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XCAL President Announces 'New Normal'

August 7th 2020

“XCAL Racing is pleased with the continued growth of returning drivers, and the small base of talent we see showing up weekly. There are many more that are showing potential, but we still have a long way to go before we can have full fields. We are also very happy with the test results we have obtained, and are prepared to move forward...."

Game Face Adds Video

July 10th 2020

Now you will see "Video" next to the members link on the top right of the page. Currently the showcased video is the XCAL 2014 Season Finale - probably the best broadcasted event in our history. It is shown in its entirety, complete with original commercial breaks and roughly 5 minutes of intro music. Future plans include making this section a proper playlist of all 2014 events, a video archive of sorts.  (Note: Back in 2014 almost all broadcasting companies displayed the laps completed as "Lap X of YYY" So "Lap 3 of 300" means 3 laps have been completed.)

Game Face Adds Schedule

July 4th 2020

Do to an increase of events being held by XCAL Racing, a new link has been added to the site menu. Now members can find up coming events with ease. Be sure to check it often as it will be updated frequently.


Public Release from the former Bullring Racing headquarters in Warsaw, NY

July 1st 2020

"I, Petey J. Zehler, the sole owner of the Bullring Racing league, give all our remaining assets to Aaron Hillibush and This includes all iRacing League Pages, Logo's, Cars and former contracts. The Bullring Racing League has been inactive for 3 years and it is simply time. However, I do advise all former Bullring drivers, owners, admins, sponsors and broadcasters to join me in the move to XCAL. I know Aaron and crew are doing diligent work on creating a (censored), and I greatly look forward to being part of their future. Hope to see many of you on the virtual track again very soon!"


XCAL Racing Hosts Back to Back Events

June 30th 2020

XCAL will be hosting a double header of $2 - to win - events June 30th at 5pm and 7pm est. Look for XCAL Tuesday Night Special in the iRacing hosted sessions. No entry fees and no passwords. All iRacing members are welcome.


Making Moves

June 29th 2020

Early this morning XCAL Racing announced it has absorbed the remaining assets of Bullring Racing. It appears XCAL has intentions of expanding its current operations.


Monday Night XCAL Fun

June 27th 2020

Monday June 29th XCAL Racing will be hosting a fun event at 7pm est in the hosted sessions on We hope to see some OG XCAL drivers come out for a fun night of street stock racing. There will be no password for the fun event.

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New logo

June 25th 2020

No more waiting, XCAL Racing has released its new official logo as part of its rebranding campaign! More big news is sure to follow in upcoming weeks.

Virtual Reality Device

New XCAL Racing logo to be unveiled

June 25th 2020

After a nearly 3 week wait, XCAL Racing revealed that it would unveil a new "leaner and greener" logo to represent the brand later this week.

Videogame Console

XCAL Racing announces announcement

June 8th 2020

XCAL Racing President Aaron Hillibush announced today that he would be making an announcement later this month. As usual, no additional details were provided.


Mysterious 21 is an enigma

May 26th 2020

The iRacing community was left with more questions than answers this week as a mysterious #21 has appeared on the home page.

Futuristic Robot

Unexpected Reemergence of

May 24th 2020

After being dormant for over 5 years the XCAL Racing website suddenly "re'merged" this week. No details were provided as to why XCAL President Aaron Hillibush purchased the domain.

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