XCAL President - We have a 'New Normal'

“XCAL Racing is pleased with the continued growth of returning drivers, and the small base of talent we see showing up weekly. There are many more that are showing potential, but we still have a long way to go before we can have full fields. We are also very happy with the test results we have obtained, and are prepared to move forward.

Beginning with our Birthday event we will introduce the 'New Normal' as we move from testing into tuning. We are permanently eliminating the 'Free Money Monday' and 'Monday Night Money' events. These time slots will now be filled with 3 'XCAL-Heat' races at 5, 7, and 9PM Eastern U.S. Time. Only cars that advance through the Monday heats will race on Tuesday for cash. This should help eliminate problems early before the cash races, and force drivers to invest a little time each week. This will also cause a more dedicated and serious driver base to form. All heats will be a Class - D 3.0 minimum.

Each heat will begin with 30 minutes of OPEN qualifying to determine grid order for the heat itself. The practice IS the qualifying session so drivers will move immediately to the heat after the 30 minutes are over. During the heats cautions will be ON, but there will be NO wave arounds. Drivers who qualify through a heat may NOT compete in additional heats. Drivers that DO NOT qualify MAY compete in any remaining heats to try again.

Features will be held on Tuesdays in HOSTED TOURNAMENTS. Grid will be determined by heat finish order, sorted by FASTEST LAP during heat. You will not need a password for these events. If you have qualified you will see the green join icon. If you did not qualify, you will see the black icon.

The Tuesday feature will go live at 7PM Eastern U.S. Time and have 30 minutes of practice and then drivers will grid based on their qualifying positions from the Monday heats. Event lengths will increase to 50%-65% scale XCAL point event duration. During these events cautions are ON, we will manually wave no less than the first 5 cars one lap down or more, and of course NO quick repairs. We will also introduce weekly fuel caps that will make pit strategy a must. The majority of these events will be open setup, but a few will be restricted to a specific setup all competitors must use. Purses will be increased and some of these tuning races may be sponsored.

Additionally each Sunday Petey J. Zehler will host a 12 hour practice at the track we are racing that week. This practice will be live from 10AM Eastern U.S. Time until 10PM. Practices will not be monitored, and to ensure they are not destroyed by morons, we will enforce an incident limit. Drivers who go over this limit will be removed from the session.

Finally we will be hosting Invitational Races Tuesdays at 5PM at whichever track we are at for the week. Drivers will get invited based on recommendation by XCAL staff, and driver Laps Per Incident. Yes, we have been tracking your LPI every Tuesday money-event since July 14th. If you are not invited to an event, do not get discouraged. It may mean your LPI is a bit low still, or we were only taking a small field. These events will be much shorter in duration from the 7PM features, and may or may not have a small prize. These sessions are mostly for drivers who want to just have a good time racing, and have shown us they can hold the wheel and not bring out an abundance of yellows.

Moving forward we would like to see drivers start to form 'teams' of a sort. Not the goofy iRacing team thing, but simply groups of 3 members who enjoy racing with each other, chatting it up, and sharing setup data with one another. The community is growing, and once you have established a team of 3, contact XCAL and we will set you up with your own garage area in our discord. This will allow you to communicate with your teammates under green without RACECONTROL muting your chat.

One last thing I want to cover is our new feedback link on the www.xcalracing.com website. We want all of our members to feel they can easily make their voice heard about anything XCAL related. Members can submit feedback anonymously, or leave their names and or email address. We will read all feedback, and reply where appropriate.

We will re-evaluate where XCAL is as an organization and our driver base in mid to late September. Until then we expect all drivers to continue to do their part on finding new members with the right attitude, ability, and free time to run this new format. Thank you all for your continued support.”