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Massive Whale Petey 200 Event Rules

All participants are bound by these rules during each preliminary, heat, and feature event. XCAL Racing reserves the right to penalize (up to disqualification) for infractions of these rules OR any conduct deemed detrimental the the event as a whole.

Section 1: Eligibility: Any and all iRacing members with a minimum Class-D 3.0 Oval license, that have not been blacklisted by XCAL Racing are welcome to enter the Massive Whale Petey.

Participants may be deemed ineligible by XCAL Racing, and disqualified from the event in its entirety, for instances of intentional contact, excessively high ping, or connection issues that are creating a danger to the field. 

Participants disqualified from a preliminary, heat, or feature will receive no prize or refund.

Section 2: Penalties: All participants will be treated equally as possible at all times. Equally does not mean “kindly”. Any participant committing a rule infraction will be penalized regardless to severity or advantage gained by such infraction. Arguing with RACECONTROL during a live event is a separate infraction on its own.

Any driver who deliberately causes damage to another driver’s car through intentional contact will be DISQUALIFIED from the remainder of the Massive Whale Petey.  Infraction will be reviewed by RACECONTROL, and judgment is final and un-appealable. Drivers will receive warnings via audio transmission if RACECONTROL cannot determine the nature of the contact. 

XCAL has adopted a “two strikes - you're out” policy when dealing with on track incidents that draw a caution. All cautions will be reviewed to determine the nature and severity of the incident. XCAL understands the rubbing is racing, and some incidents simply can't be avoided. However, incidents that CAN be avoided or cause unnecessary extensive damage to one or more cars will be penalized. 

The first strike incurred by a driver for causing a yellow is penalized with: an E.O.L. (End of line) on the next restart during preliminaries and heats, and a black flag during the feature.  The second strike will result in disqualification from the current hosted session.

If a driver is attempting to serve an XCAL issued black flag, and another caution comes out (Not caused by the driver serving the black), the black flag will be cleared and the driver will instead receive an E.O.L. Penalty on the next restart.  Drivers should notify RACECONTROL is this happens to them, as the event staff will be busy attending to the current yellow. 

If RACECONTROL cannot determine which driver caused an incident involving 2 or more drivers, all drivers involved will receive an E.O.L. on the next restart, but NO STRIKES.

During The Massive Whale Petey driver communication is reduced to a single channel on the radio called “WHALEPETEY”. Drivers who wish to have open communication with each other during live races must add “WHALEPETEY” to their radio list and speak ONLY on that channel. Drivers may only speak over the normal iRacing channel to reach RACECONTROL. Violators will have their chat muted. Drivers with their chat muted may find themselves at a major disadvantage during the event!

 We WILL NOT clear iRacing issued black flags or 'meatball black flags'. There are no meatball flags, only meatball drivers. Asking for a clear of an iRacing black flag will result in chat being muted. 

Drivers are not permitted to ask RACECONTROL “why” a call was made, or argue any case during a live event. Violations of this rule will result in chat being muted.

Portions of The Massive Whale Petey may be broadcast live, tape delayed, or not televised at all. Participants are not to have profanity written or visualized on their car, and may not have lewd images or graphic graphics of any sort. XCAL officials will review all paint schemes. Members in violation of this rule MAY receive a warning, and risk automatic disqualification. 

Live broadcast events will feature post race interviews and may include pre-race and mid-race interviews as well. These interviews must be treated with care. Members that use foul language will have their chat muted in current and future events, and will be skipped on future interviews.

There will be no yellows displayed in the final 5 laps of any preliminary, heat race, or the feature event. RACECONTROL will review all incidents that occur in the final 5 laps, and adjust the event scoring if necessary. This can include event disqualifications, and removal of transfer positions. 

All protests must be made within 1 hour of the end of the preliminary, heat, or feature event. You must fill out the form that can be found at this protest link.

Section 3: Qualifying: Each preliminary race will start with 30 minutes of open qualifying. The lap times turned in will determine the grid for each preliminary. The top 14 finishers from each preliminary will advance to the appropriate heat race on Monday. See the Event Road Map. The final grid spot(s) for each heat will be determined by the FASTEST LAP turned by ALL non-qualifiers in the corresponding preliminary races.

Heat races will start with 30 minutes of open practice before cars will grid based on their preliminary race finishing positions, sorted by fastest lap times. The top 14 finishers from each heat race will advance to the Massive Whale Petey 200 Feature Event on Tuesday! The final grid spot(s) for the feature will be determined by the FASTEST LAP turned in by ALL non-qualifiers in the 3 heat races.

The Massive Whale Petey 200 will start with 30 minutes of open practice before cars will grid based on heat race finishing positions, sorted by fastest lap times. All drivers that complete lap #1 will be paid!

Section 4: Race Procedures: The difference between a fine tuned event and a dumpster fire is the ability of the drivers to be on the same page with race procedures. It only takes one uninformed participant to ruin an event for a lot of people, and XCAL will be quick to issue black flags to any participant who violates these procedures. 

Initial Start and all restarts in The Massive Whale Petey are on the flagman!  If either of the front row cars attempts to start or restart the race before the flagman in The Massive Whale Petey, they will be black flagged. Once the pace car is off the track, leader must maintain pace speed within 4 mph of the pace car speed. Accelerating or decelerating 5 mph or more before flagman's green will result in a black flag. Outside line cars may accelerate slightly more to maintain the correct formation, but must stay next to or behind the leader's nose until the green is displayed. 

No driver may pass another car in line or change lanes before the start finish line. This includes long lines of single file cars!   Drivers who experience a major mechanical malfunction ( blown motor ) may pull out of line for safety reasons. Missing a shift is NOT a reason to step out of line, or a reason to pass a car. If a lane gets held up by a slow starting car, drivers must maintain their lane until the starting line.

Drivers may not hang back, and must maintain a ¾ car length distance behind the car in front of them once they enter turn 3 on the "one to green" lap. This includes all restarts as well as the opening pace lap. 

Drivers on the tail end of the lead lap, and 1 lap down may race the lead lap cars to attempt to get laps back. Once a car is 2 laps down or more they are expected to yield to lead lap cars in the top 10!

Cautions will be thrown by RACECONTROL only. These may be for an accident, or to try to correct a scoring error. If a car is stopped or deemed to be out of control on the racing surface with approaching traffic, a caution will be thrown. If a car is out of the racing groove with a fair amount of space to get corrected, no caution will be displayed. If RACECONTROL determines a driver did not make an effort to move their car from the racing line in a timely manner, that car may be penalized even if it was the victim of the initial incident. If a car is blocking pit road entrance or exit, the caution may be displayed at the discretion of RACECONTROL. 

Incidents that bring out a caution will be reviewed by RACECONTROL, and strikes may be issued.

( See Section 2: Penalties )

There are NO WAVE AROUNDS in the preliminary races or heat races! The Massive Whale Petey Feature Event will allow for 3 wave cars per yellow. These 3 wave arounds will be issued to the first 3 drivers scored one or more laps down at the time we reach 'Two to Green' . While pacing, drivers must leave the outermost lane of the race track open for wave around cars. Incidents that ensue will be the fault of the pacing car, not the wave around car, and will result in a black flag.

Under yellow, drivers should remain single file until RACECONTROL announces “one to green” 


When lining up, pass cars on the outside ALWAYS.  If you need to let someone by, stay LOW. If you pass on

the inside and someone decides to pit, causing car contact, you will be black flagged. 

We will allow iRacing to release 'tail end' cars trapped behind the pace car at one to green. If iRacing refuses to release those cars, too bad. Always obey what the display is telling you.

Drivers finishing in the top 3 will be interviewed for our live broadcasts. You must be in the XCAL Racing discord to be eligible for interview.

Section 5: Additional Information: This is a fixed setup, no fuel cap event, with unlimited tire sets and


Fixed weather for this event: 70 degrees Fahrenheit, 56% humidity, wind North at 1 MPH, Partly Cloudy. Each session of the Massive Whale Petey will start with

a clean track state (0% usage) and usage WILL carry over!

MWP Event Rules: Text
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