Some drivers are just not XCAL material. Others are unfit to be on iRacing at all. If you feel you have been added to this list by mistake, please contact us immediately.  XCAL treats the construction and officiating of its events like a vineyard crafting a fine wine. If a driver has treated one like a warm can of Natty Ice, you will find them listed below. Congratulations boys, and now girls, all of you are famous.


Joe Biden

Key Facts


  • Wants to end the tax cuts Trump Provided that makes XCAL possible

  • Wants to send 20 billion dollars to Brazil

  • Wants to shut down America

  • Wants to shut down XCAL

  • Wants mandatory masks during intercourse

  • Hair sniffer

  • Still uses word "Malarkey"

  • Doesn't even know what a Whale Petey IS

  • Doesn't know what state he is in, what position he is running for, or who his wife is

  • Human sock puppet

  • I have never seen Jeff Dunham's "Walter" and Sleepy Joe in the same place at the same time

  • Jeff went on to steal this idea. Thanks for watching.

  • Batman is Bruce Wayne

Tyler McCray

iRacing ID# 143923

  • Probably the nicest guy on this list

  • Generously gives to charity

  • Generously gives equipment to those in need!

  • Runs pace laps like a blonde at a blinking red light

  • Toxicity level 10

  • Had to block him on all social media contact points

  • Honestly, isn't THAT bad...

  • I hope he owns crayons

Blake Roark

iRacing ID# 206434

  • Old enough to take responsibility for his actions. Oops. NOPE

  • 5 years on iRacing

  • Crashed into the back of another truck hard enough to send it into two more trucks in the other lane

  • This occurred on the initial pace lap

  • Argued that what he did was "OK - because the truck in front of him slowed down"

  • Maybe try looking more than one truck in front of you

  • Especially behind Paul Coleman Jr. who is pacing about 7 trucks back from where he should be

  • Maybe this was only half Blake's fault

  • At least Paul understands what he did wrong

Kasey Beattie

iRacing ID# 423275

  • Age unknown

  • Gender unknown

  • 1 year on iRacing

  • Severe lack of attention span

  • Drives a pink truck

  • Start and parks are OK

  • But not in the middle of turn 3 when running fifth under GREEN

  • Just another generic inconsiderate dick weed

"Jimmy Macaroni" Set Up Shop

Sold his soul to sell you set ups

  • 22 Year old Owner

  • 2 years on iRacing

  • Thinks he's good enough to charge for lessons

  • Which means he thinks he is better than you

  • Thinks he is "above" XCAL

  • Looks likes he is part of it now

  • Slave to money

  • Hit his peak early

Joey Campbell & Tobias Jeffers

Do you even iRacing bro?

  • Young enough to live with parents

  • Parents won't get them iRacing because they are not loved

  • Can't blame the parents for that

  • Doing an excellent job of keeping Facebook and Kleenex in business

  • Future cucks of America club members

Cole Schroeder

iRacing ID# 409743

  • Roughly 15 years old

  • 1 Year on iRacing

  • We were drag racing

  • He was in a space race - with himself

  • Launched himself of a pack of cars

  • Cleared the tower, the grand stands, and his bowels

  • We are black listing him in case he ever lands

Rebecca Jonas

iRacing ID# 458433

  • Possibly driving from the womb

  • Less than 9 months on iRacing. Hmmmm

  • Pulls out just in time to get creamed by a guy named Tyler

  • Too bad her dad didn't pull out just in time

Michael Sparks

iRacing ID# 498181

  • 16 years old but looks like he's 40

  • Less than 1 year on iRacing

  • Is a disgusting individual

  • Picks his nose and eats it

  • Lives in CANADA and voted for Joe Biden in Michigan

  • Said he would tell others not to run XCAL events when we were running an event for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

  • Then lied about what he said

  • Probably gives covid - 19 to kittens

James Richard2

iRacing ID# 543336

  • I'm guessing about 6 years old

  • 3 months on iRacing

  • Absolute dog shit

  • There are no iRacing gods. If there were, they wouldn't let this happen

  • Mom should have swallowed

Bobby Johnson3

iRacing ID# 386393

  • Age unknown

  • 1 year on iRacing

  • Fails to obey RACECONTROL, the rule book, and common sense

  • Poor representation of a TRUMP car

  • Thought the 3rd heat race for St Jude was a try out for Days of Thunder 2

Geoff Hooper

iRacing ID# 364512

  • Had better be a squeaker

  • 1 Year iRacing member

  • Sucks real bad

  • Wrecks others

  • Wrecks himself

  • Decided it was a good plan to full blast reverse up into the racing line after wrecking self - again

  • Totally destroys cars driven by actual drivers

  • This occurred in a live broadcasted Feature event

Sammy L Smith

iRacing ID# 263214

  • Age Unknown

  • 3 Years on iRacing

  • Joins an official practice just to do donuts on track and wreck into people

  • Why is this fun for people?

  • Get a life Sammy

Andrew Flores

iRacing ID# 538702

  • Man-child

  • Less than 1 year on iRacing

  • All around rookie

  • Says he doesn't deal with "Retards"

  • I say it takes one to know one

  • Claims to have a 206 Kart

  • Could not provide evidence of said kart

  • Jerk wad

JJ Henes

iRacing ID# 426088

  • 16 Years old

  • Less than 1 year on iRacing

  • Over privileged - under talented

  • Repeated tried to mute RACECONTROL

  • Could not figure out how to mute RACECONTROL

  • Spent more time complaining than driving

  • Does not know what a simulator is

  • Kind of kid who will cause the first crash and blame someone else then leave

Steve Stout

iRacing ID# 423020

  • Awkward teenager

  • Less than 1 year on iRacing

  • Insert dick joke here

  • A strong and loyal driver

  • He left when we kicked his boyfriend

  • Blacklist package deal

Riley Music

iRacing ID# 357933

  • About 11 years old, squeaker

  • 1 Year on iRacing

  • Could not follow the simplest line up and start procedure

  • Drove like he was bullet proof for 3 laps

  • It was a 50 lap heat race

  • For a 250 lap feature

  • We might let him try again in 2030

  • Misspelled "missile" on his iRacing profile

Landon Hathaway

iRacing ID# 147880

  • Age unknown

  • 6 Year iRacing member

  • The 10 Year XCAL members know better

  • We are not going to listen to this - ever

william VanDevender

iRacing ID # 336484

  • 13 Year old Squeaker

  • 2 Years on iRacing

  • Spells his first name with a lowercase letter

  • Shows up last minute to a cash race - begs for a set up

  • Dressed his car like a furry (your trading paints may vary)

  • I don't think he could see over the wheel and reach pedals at same time

Taylor Gray

iRacing ID# 272358

  • Age Unknown

  • 3 Years on iRacing

  • Aspired to be the pace car

  • Could not maintain pace speed

  • Visited the turn 3 beer stand

  • Used the V.I.P. parking

  • We had him towed

Ken Soszka

iRacing ID# 208819

  • 54 Years Old

  • 4 Years on iRacing

  • Currently representing ALL the Karens we have blocked from the forums

  • Never seen one dude complain so much about a chance at free money

  • Perfect example of the right skill set and wrong attitude

  • Tried to tell XCAL how to run its shit

  • Most of his advice would cause the exact opposite of what we are looking for to happen

  • Has serious issues with reading, links, and admitting he is wrong


James Goldsztajn

iRacing ID# 392395

  • Age Unkown

  • 1 whole year on iRacing

  • Can not follow the simplest orders from RACECONTROL

  • Gets black flagged and brake checks the field under green

  • Thinks he is going to "take his ball and go home"

  • It was never YOUR ball James

Riley Halverson II

iRacing ID# 62761

  • Old enough to know better

  • 9 Year iRacing member

  • One of those douches who think they are more important than others

  • Confused XCAL with Microsoft Flight Sim

  • Departed from Texas, landed here

Landon Lalonde

iRacing ID# 299486

  • 22 Years young

  • 2 years on iRacing

  • Still confuses the gas and brake pedals

  • Either really bad, or just an asshole

Brian Loftin

iRacing ID# 24924

  • 11 Year iRacing member

  • Finally decides he has enough - in one of our events of course

  • Decides to take someone out under green

  • Not worth XCAL's time

Kyle Roose

iRacing ID# 351313

  • Another damn squeaker

  • 2nd year iRacing rookie

  • Usual intentional wrecking

  • Was dumb enough to mic up and tell RACECONTROL he did it

AJay Potrzebowski

iRacing ID#418218

  • Age unknown

  • First year iRacer

  • Is really good on dirt

  • Somehow didn't realize we were on a road course

  • Blew through the field like a category 4 hurricane

  • But only because the field knew what track we were on

Bo Brady

iRacing ID# 357076

  • 30 Years old

  • 1 year on iRacing

  • Has no idea what a good event even looks like

  • 2 Time Universal Champion

  • Brought 39.5 laps of talent to a 40 lap heat race

  • Wrecked field and got mad at XCAL

  • Thinks he knows what LARPing is

  • Has no idea what LARPing is

  • First driver to get per-ma-banned from our Discord

  • Might be Antifa

Ryan Corbett

iRacing ID# 298499

  • 2 year iRacing Rookie

  • (Failure)

  • Intentionally right reared another car

  • Generic iRacing trash

Dean Pinten

iRacing ID# 427725

  • 14 Year old garbage

  • First year on iRacing

  • Should have been a Malaysian Airline Pilot

Majo Rodríguez

iRacing ID# 479780

  • Old enough

  • < 1 year on iRacing

  • Failure to complete the opening pace lap without running off course 7 times

  • Sparing her the embarrassment of a replay

  • You say you wouldn't. But you would.

Marty Coolidge

iRacing ID# 490990

  • First year on iRacing

  • Got circumcised in our live event :-/

  • You can hear it in his replay

Colton Zimmer

iRacing ID# 418707

  • Just another squeaker

  • < 1 year on iRacing

  • We caught him making out in the corner with Marty Coolidge

  • Should just go play video games

Christian Balliet

iRacing ID# 478273

  • Usual iRacing dog shit

  • Forever gone from our eyes

  • Forever spinning in our hearts

Dan Wright

iRacing ID# 417415

  • First year "iRacer"

  • Can't even remember, he became so insignifcant

  • We have a replay in the Google drive

Brandon Campbell7

iRacing ID# 482210

  • < 18 Years Old

  • New account for Brandon Campbell 4 (ID# 127749)

  • 9/11'ed the leader under caution

  • Probably retaliation for us kicking his boyfriend

Josh Langille

iRacing ID# 209007

  • < 18 Years Old

  • 4 Years on iRacing

  • Extremely immature in chat

  • Repeatedly made contact under caution

  • Disobeyed commands from RACECONTROL

  • We finally caught him having bumper sex with Brandon Campbell7

Jordan Rushton

iRacing ID# 339358

  • < 18 Years Old

  • 1 Year on iRacing

  • Mainly guilty by association

Additional issues involving:

  • Soup

  • Soup

  • More Soup

Kaleb Hall

iRacing ID# 425942

  • <12 Years Old

  • Less than 1 year on iRacing

  • Intentionally wrecked other drivers in multiple events

  • Caused XCAL Racing financial damages

  • Has no business being on iRacing

  • Suicide Bombed the field at Michigan

Jeffrey Guilbault

iRacing ID# 362313

  • 27 Years Old - (acts like a 14 year old)

  • 1 year on iRacing

  • Intentionally wrecked another driver under caution and lied about it

  • Caused XCAL Racing financial damages

  • When given a second chance showed no remorse and used his time to complain about getting a chance at free money

  • After event emailed XCAL asking to be black listed... well here ya go numbnuts

Brandy Richardson

iRacing ID# 489233

  • About 9 Years Old

  • Less than 1 year on iRacing

  • Intentionally wrecked other drivers in multiple events

  • Has no business being on iRacing

Felix Gratton

iRacing ID# 343674

  • 15 Year Old Squeaker

  • 1 year on Iracing

  • Intentionally wrecked other drivers under caution

Jimmy Frazier

iRacing ID# 236619

  • In his mid 20's

  • 4 years on iRacing

  • Intentionally wrecked another driver under caution

  • Caused XCAL Racing financial damages