Higgins's Sticker Stand

Want to give an XCAL Driver 'The 'CORN'?

Higgins the XCAL Super Fan spent his kid's college fund on XCAL season tickets! What he didn't account for was (every other expense). Luckily the XCAL rule book is very vague on what constitutes a merchandise stand, and Higgins's RV is now open for business!

K2 square.jpg


Want to give an XCAL Driver 'The Sauce'?

Half-way Holley is no stranger to 'The Sauce' and aside from being with Higgins, she ain't no dummy! Selling Virtual stickers is a great way to keep her sauce flowing this season. The other side of Higgins's RV is also now open for business! (Driver with most Virtual Sauce at end of season wins a real world prize pack from K2!)