Effective October 1st 2020

It is time to get this driver base into shape. XCAL Boot Camp events start October 5th. Four heat races weekly. More penalties and no bonus money. We see we have the potential for a great season in 2021, but we need to see who can make that final cut and who was just here for "easy" money. The following updates from the XCAL Rule Book will now be enforced.

Section 2: Penalties: All members will be treated equally as possible at all times. Equally does not mean “kindly”. A members committing a rule infraction will be penalized regardless to their rank in the XCAL organization. Arguing with RACECONTROL during a live event is a separate infraction on its own.

2.1.1 All protests must be made in writing to XCAL within 2 hours of the end of the feature event.

2.2.1 Protests about issues from heat races must be received within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the heat.

Sub-Section 2.4.1 (Shall now read) XCAL has adopted a “two strikes - you're out” policy when dealing with on track incidents that draw a caution. All cautions will be reviewed to determine the nature and severity of the incident. XCAL understands that rubbing is racing, and some incidents simply can't be avoided. However, incidents that CAN be avoided or cause unnecessary extensive damage to one or more cars will be penalized.

2.4.2 Incidents that incur a ONE STRIKE penalty include, but may not be limited to; Over-driving your car, Driving in an absurdly aggressive manner, Brake Checking (During race or under caution), Hitting another car under caution, Not paying attention to the cars around you (Drifting into another drivers lane), or ANY Self-Spins that draw a caution.

UPDATED Article 1 Sub-Section  2.4.2 ( Shall now read) The first strike incurred by a driver for an infraction outlined in rule 2.4.2 is penalized with an black flag on the next restart during feature events, and with an EOL during heat events.

Article 2 Sub-Section  2.4.2 ( Shall now read) The second strike incurred by a driver for an infraction outlined in rule 2.4.2 will result in disqualification. If a driver is attempting to make a pass through pit road and another caution comes out (Not caused by the driver making the pass through), the black flag will be cleared and the driver will instead receive an E.O.L. Penalty on the next restart. Drivers should notify RACECONTROL if this happens to them, as the Junior Admins will be busy attending to the current yellow. A driver who is disqualified from an event must return their car to the pits safely. If they are unable to do so safely, they may “exit on track”. ANY RULE INFRACTION COMMITTED AFTER A DRIVER IS DISQUALIFIED WILL RESULT IN THE DRIVER BEING REMOVED FROM THE SERVER, AND WILL LIKELY RESULT IN FUTURE DISQUALIFICATION FROM EVENTS AND OTHER PENALTIES AND / OR FINES TO BE DETERMINED BY THE OWNER OF XCAL RACING.

2.5.1 Driver Communications: XCAL is a free speech zone, (with the exceptions outlined in rules 2.5.2 and 3.3.2) and frankly the owner is upset we currently live in a world where you have to apologize for having a different opinion. Chat such as “Fuck this track” or “this car is shit” is acceptable because both the car and track are virtual. Please remember the other members in the league are not virtual, and have thoughts and emotions. The way we speak to each other often shows more about ourselves than we may realize. Remember “The Golden Rule”. Violations of the Golden Rule will result in, but is not limited to; most of the other members in the league not wanting to talk to you, talking about how much of a dick you are behind your back, not wanting to be your teammate, and may result in other on and off track consequences.

2.5.2 During Heat races and feature events the free speech zone is reduced to a single channel on the radio called “Drivers2”. Drivers who wish to have open communication with each other during live races must add “Drivers2” to their radio list and speak ONLY on that channel. Drivers speaking over an open channel other than “Drivers2” will receive one warning, and then have their chat muted. Drivers with their chat muted may find themselves at a major disadvantage during the event. (See rule Drivers may speak on open channels only to reach RACECONTROL. This may include asking for review of an accident that may have been initially missed, or to report other important information. Drivers who ask for a meatball black flag to be cleared, will be notified that RACECONTROL does not clear iRacing issued black flags. Drivers are not permitted to ask RACECONTROL “why” a call was made, or argue any case during a live event. Violations of this rule will result in chat being muted.

2.5.3 XCAL members are encouraged to also use our Discord Server ( which will have dedicated channels for open chat, and individual channels for each team.

2.8.1 Code of Conduct: The on track behavior of all XCAL drivers dictates the quality of future new members that enter our league. If we are known as a bunch of “wreckers”, “self spinners” or “hosted session ruin-ers” the iRacing community will remember. XCAL wants its member base to expand, not shrink. A large professionally run event with a high car count attracts more sponsorship opportunity and creates a better product on and off the track.

2.8.2 All XCAL rules outlined in (sub)sections 2.3.1, 2.3.2,,, 2.7.1 THROUGH 2.7.5 AND 2.9.1 THROUGH 2.9.3 apply to every XCAL member competing in ANY hosted session, league race, and official iRacing session. XCAL will review any complaint levied against one of our members as long as a replay of the infraction is attached when submitted, and XCAL receives the complaint within 48 hours of the alleged rule infraction. XCAL rule 2.8.2 is null and void when XCAL members participate in league and hosted sessions described as “demolition racing”, “enduro”, “no holds barred”, “boys have at it”, “2 Lap Sprints” or any other format in which contact between cars is allowed and / or encouraged. XCAL members found committing rule infractions outlined in 2.8.2 will serve the applicable penalties in the next FEATURE event held. This can include event disqualification(s).

2.8.3 Professionalism is important in XCAL and members should maintain a professional looking paint scheme and enter every session using a visible and correct car number. XCAL events may be broadcast live, tape delayed, or not broadcast at all. Members are not to have profanity written or visualized on their car, and may not have lewd images or graphic graphics of any sort. XCAL officials will review all paint schemes. Members in violation of this rule MAY receive a warning, and risk automatic disqualification.

Members who violate rule 2.8.3 repeatedly risk disqualification from feature events.

Live broadcast events will feature post race interviews and may include pre-race and mid-race interviews as well. These interviews are not part of the XCAL free speech zone and must be treated with care. Members that use foul language will have their chat muted in current and future events, be skipped on future interviews and may incur fines. (Note for ALL members- These interviews are an excellent time to show a little personality and let the viewers learn a bit more about individual drivers, and car # owners. Its fine to speak your mind about other members, the track, the rules, and XCAL as an organization (good or bad) as long as you can do so in a professional manner. Its also a great time to mention anyone you would like to thank, or any sponsors you have. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM THANKING “SPONSORS” THAT ARE ON YOUR CAR, BUT AREN'T ACTUALLY PROVIDING COMPENSATION. XCAL would rather hear you brag about how your new 2080ti video card is helping your performance than listen to a driver “pretend thanking” DuPont or Home Depot! Don't have a sponsorship? Take a moment to mention how Zotac Gaming makes great graphics cards or start some AMD vs. Intel drama with a rival. Talk about your rig, your car setup, or anything related to the actual process of iRacing. If everyone sounds grateful, and professional, we have a better chance of attracting more real world sponsors that may provide additional cash or other prizes.)

2.9.1 Discovery vs. Exploitation: No simulator is perfect, and occasionally a bug or glitch will be found by a member. The first time a driver finds a new bug or glitch it is permissible to gain an advantage from it. This is called “Discovery”. The driver who makes the discovery must report it to XCAL at the conclusion of the heat or feature it was discovered. – NOT DURING THE LIVE EVENT. Immediately after the event contact any XCAL official and tell them you made a “Discovery” and you will be put in priority contact with the correct person to make your verbal report. If you think you made a “Discovery” but are not sure, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE WHAT HAPPENED THE FIRST TIME. This is known as “Exploitation” and is a form of cheating! Report anything you think could be a “Discovery”. (Note to all members- Finding speed is different than finding a bug or glitch. Different racing lines and setups can yield very different lap times. Bugs and glitches are strange occurrences that simply do not make sense in a simulated environment, such as a specific wall that you can bounce off to gain speed, or realizing that hitting ALT + F4 gives you a speed boost on the backstretch. Set up bugs and glitches are also possible, but harder to detect. If you are a gear head and discover something that just isn't right, like adding 600 lbs to the left rear is making you tight off turns 2 and 4, please report that information to an XCAL official for review.) Bugs and glitches discovered in cars and tracks not run by XCAL should still be reported per rule 2.9.1, but might not receive priority contact – it will depend on time constraints.

2.9.2 Drivers who think they made a discovery must refrain from telling teammates, car # owners, or any other members about what they discovered until AFTER they have made a verbal report to the proper XCAL official. Violations of this rule is also “Exploitation”.

2.9.3 Drivers found committing exploitation will be penalized. These penalties can range from an E.O.L., to season disqualification, and additional penalties may be levied against a car # owner including; prize forfeiture, point deductions, and fines. Penalties will based on the severity of the exploitation, the amount of drivers affected by the use of the exploitation, and the amount of damage done to the league's reputation for use of said exploitation.

2.10.1 “Junk to the line”: XCAL races always finish under green. In the event the caution is displayed after the white flag comes out, we will race back to the checkered to determine the finishing order. Results displayed by iRacing will be unofficial until the end of the event is reviewed by XCAL officials. When cautions are being thrown by RACECONTROL only, there will be no more cautions when the leader hits 5 laps to go.

2.10.2 All incidents in the last 5 laps will be reviewed by RACECONTROL. Drivers found to have committed a rule infraction will be penalized by placing them last among finishers on the same lap. If RACECONTROL can not determine the cause of a last lap incident, no penalty will be issued to any car #. If a driver is found to have committed a penalty on the last lap, that would have otherwise counted as a second strike per rule 2.4.2, that car # will be disqualified.

2.10.3 If a driver is found to be at fault for a last lap incident, but the car they immediately and initially affected does not lose more than 5 positions due to the incident, no penalty or strike shall be issued.

2.10.4 No driver will be penalized on the last lap for making a valid attempt to dodge a crash that causes another incident to ensue. If RACECONTROL determines a driver was driving recklessly and not simply avoiding a crash, penalties will be issued as stated in the rules in section 2.10.X

3.3.1 Junior Admins in XCAL have probably the hardest and most important job week after week. The junior admins do not compete in any XCAL point events. Instead they watch over the field during heat races and feature events. They make sure all drivers are abiding by the rules, determine who caused a yellow, keep track of weekly strikes against a driver, distribute penalties and wave arounds, clear improper black flags, throw and extend cautions, make sure the field is correctly lined up after each caution, and handle all other aspects of being RACECONTROL for the duration of each event. They do ALL of this live, and in real time, and must treat EVERY driver fairly and equally regardless to a members time in the league or roll as admin or owner. Their primary function in the organization, is to legitimize our competitions by ensuring the fairness of rule book enforcement.

3.3.2 Members may not harass, ridicule, pester, or otherwise “fuck with” junior admins other than the general ball busting that goes on in XCAL. This rule is effect at all times, before, during, and after the event! (Note to all members- The job of a junior admin is not only very difficult, it is a commitment not to be taken lightly. Each of us depends on junior admins to make this entire league work, meaning each week 30+ people are gonna have a real BAD time if the junior admins decide to not show up because their efforts are not being appreciated and are instead being dumped on. Incorrect calls WILL be made, at times ALL of us will feel like “THIS could have went better if THAT call wasn't made- and that is just part of racing. Perseverance is a virtue.)

3.3.3 If a member feels they have been improperly penalized they may submit a protest to the XCAL president within the time frames specified in 2.1.1 and 2.2.1. The vast majority of Junior Admin calls are irreversible. i.e. We cannot undo an E.O.L you received at some point in the middle of an event. If the XCAL President determines that a correction is possible and sufficient evidence is presented at the time of protest, he will present the protest to the Senior Admin staff for consideration and vote. The Senior Admins must review the protest and vote either to overturn the call, or let the call stand. A unanimous vote is required by all Senior Admins for any call to be overturned. If all Senior Admins are not available, a minimum of 3 must vote to overturn a call. Once a unanimous vote by the Senior Admins has been reached to overturn a call, the protest is then sent back to the XCAL President who must ALSO either vote to over turn the call or veto, and then make any corrections necessary in the results, points, or any other measure of statistics tracked, listed, or paid by XCAL. A vetoed protest is considered rejected. If a Senior Admin(s) and / or XCAL President is directly involved in a protest being brought to vote, or the involved party has a conflict of interest issue with a voting member, that official will be replaced by an available Junior Admin, or un-involved third party, who would not represent a conflict of interest, picked from the driver base by the XCAL President. (Note to all members- In a situation where a call is overturned, the XCAL President will handle explaining to the Junior Admin staff what was done incorrectly. It will be determined if it was a mistake on their part, or something the the simulator threw at us that we were not prepared for. It is not a “Ha ha, I'm right - you're wrong” situation, and it will be the responsibility of the XCAL President to complete what ever training is necessary with the Junior Admin staff to make corrections in our procedures moving forward.)

CLARIFICATION The following procedures will be added to Section 5 Race Procedures: and apply immediately. 


  • All penalties issued by RACECONTROL for incidents that brought out a yellow shall occur no sooner than two laps before the scheduled restart. 

  • We will now release cars trapped behind the pace car. If iRacing refuses to release those cars, too bad. Always obey what the display is telling you.


  • XCAL Wave arounds will occur no sooner than two laps before the scheduled restart.

  • Drivers eligible for the XCAL Wave around will be those 1 lap down or more when we are 2 laps to green. NOT at the time of the caution.

  • RACECONTROL will extend cautions BRIEFLY to make sure the field is lined up correctly.

7.1 Mandatory Practice: (Shall now read) All drivers are required to complete no less than 200 laps in an official XCAL Racing Practice. 

     7.1.1 Only Practices labeled as "Official XCAL Practice" count towards these laps.

     7.1.2 Any driver hosting a practice labeled as "Official XCAL Practice" without the consent of the XCAL Racing President is subject to penalty ranging from being yelled at, to blacklisting depending on the number of people screwed over.

     UPDATED 7.1.3 XCAL Racing will provide 16 hours of practice on Sundays before the Monday heat races from 10 AM to 2 AM U.S. Eastern.

         UPDATED XCAL Racing will provide an additional 5 hours of practice on Mondays from 12-5 PM U.S. Eastern.

          UPDATED XCAL Racing will provide an additional 9 hours of practice from 5 PM Monday until 2 AM Tuesday.

         UPDATED XCAL Racing will provide an additional 6 hours of practice from noon to 6 PM on Tuesday. 

    7.1.4 Drivers who qualify in a heat race MAY complete their mandatory practice before 6 PM Tuesday to retain their starting position.

     7.1.5 Drivers who complete mandatory practice, but fail to qualify in the heats MAY be given a Provisional Entry IF there are grid spots available after the conclusion of the last heat.



        CLARIFICATION Drivers who did not complete mandatory practice BEFORE attempting the heat events are NOT eligible for Provisional Entry. (Cut off is the CONCLUSION of practice listed in rule

 Provisional Entries are at the sole discretion of the XCAL Racing President. We will review your lap times and incident points. Drivers receiving a provisional entry will be notified by iRacing message. Make sure there is room in your inbox. 

7.2 Failure to Complete Mandatory Practice: Drivers who fail to complete the mandatory practice will NOT GRID.

     7.2.1​ VOIDED for BOOT CAMP



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