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XCAL Racing is Hiring

Current Positions:
Junior Official aka Junior Admin
Pay Rate: $3 per Heat / $15 per Feature

Junior Officials in XCAL have probably the hardest and most important job week after week. The junior admins do not compete in any XCAL point events. Instead they watch over the field during heat races and feature events. They make sure all drivers are abiding by the rules, determine who caused a yellow, keep track of weekly strikes against a driver, distribute penalties and wave arounds, clear improper black flags, throw and extend cautions, make sure the field is correctly lined up after each caution, and handle all other aspects of being RACECONTROL for the duration of each event. They do ALL of this live, and in real time, and must treat EVERY driver fairly and equally regardless to a members time in the league or roll as admin or owner. Their primary function in the organization, is to legitimize our competitions by ensuring the fairness of rule book enforcement.

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